Know yourself by getting suggestions from friends or colleagues with the SARAHAH app.

What is sarahah app?

A new revolution in tech market has arrived.Though it relates to social-media sarahah app doesn’t actually include sharing or messaging.This app lets people improve themselves.This is a whole new concept and that is why people are already getting in to this heavily.Already millions of accounts are created and counting.

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How sarahah app works?

This app is very simple.

You just download the app and fill in your details,upload your profile and that’s all.The things gets started here.

People who knew about you starts sending messages on your personality,attitude,behavior or whatever.And the thing is you can not reply to those messages  and all such messages are anonymous.

Likewise you visit other people and write your thoughts about them.

This is getting popular because of the idea that people gets to know about their areas of improvement and suggestions on what to change and what to keep.And you doesn’t really know who said what because of the hidden identity feature.

You can be genuine to your friends and let them know what to change to be a cool person.But the absence of replying option is bothering the users and the company already working on it to enable the reply option to whatever messages users receive.

You can download it for your iphone/android here-

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