These apps might send you to jail.

An application can get you food,book you tickets but did you expect that they can put you in jail.These apps might really trouble you if you use them.These are illegal and I recommend you not to use them at all.This post is just to educate you about such dangerous apps.

1.WhatsApp Sniffer

WhatsApp sniffer is an application used to view and reply to others messages.You can completely control their message conversations.But the thing both the phones have to be connected over the same wi-fi network.This security and privacy compromising app is available for download but usage of such app is strictly prohibited.

whatsapp sniffer app


It acts like WhatsApp sniffier.But in this application we can view others Facebook conversations.For this both phones should be under the same wi-fi network.It is a private application that is illegal which is why this app is not available in google play store.If someone caught you guilty that you are spying them,they might really hold you out.Because there is a fair chance of getting noticed as the “message seen” symbol turns on but the actual one haven’t seen that yet.This might put you in trouble.

droidsheep app


Unlike the above two this one is kinda different.This application is mainly used to hack websites.This android application allows you to launch SQL injection attacks on the target URL.It is fully automated.This injection allows unauthorized entry to those websites which are weak in security configurations.But still there is a chance that the one using this app will be caught through some tracking processes.

droidsqli app


This app gets you the most latest movies to play on your phone screen.Videomix is an application to stream so many new and old movies and TV shows directly from your android.This is illegal because the application doesn’t have any copyright to do so.If some one caught you pirating a movie that might turn into a serious issue.

videomix app

So, that’s them.I recommend not to use them as i said earlier.These security and safety compromising apps have been deleted from playstore because they violate google community policies.Thus using them is strictly prohibited and should not be encouraged.


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