This is how your favorite sites looked way back. (part-I)

Now a days we are all using Facebook,did you know how it was when it is introduced?? Not only Facebook,some popular websites like google,YouTube…?? If you don’t then this is for you.

now we will be looking at some major websites at the time of their birth.


when it was first introduced zuckerberg actually registered the name as THEFACEBOOK  later it became Facebook.
The above picture of Facebook was captured on 12/02/2004 which is 8 days after the launch of it.


When google was first introduced it was set up in a garage.The garage was actually rented to larry page and sergey brin by susan wojcicki who is the CEO of YOUTUBE.They actually paid back susan by making her the CEO of YOUTUBE.

knackon.comThe above picture of google was captured on 11/11/1998 which is a couple of months later its launch.


The very initial classic look of youtube in 2005.


YAHOO once is a great search engine.It was introduced by JERRY YANG and DAVID FILO before google .Because of huge competition from google, yahoo went down with time.


WIKIMEDIA was introduced by JIMMY WALES and LARRY SANGER .Wikipedia is a part of  Wikimedia.


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