spy on your friends phone with this application.

You are very eager to know what others do with their mobile phone(spy) or may be you want to shock your friend.But you does not know how to make it happen.Don’t worry you are at the end of your search.

Now i will explain how to spy on a mobile without getting noticed.

Follow these simple steps,

1.Download INKWIRE a spy application from google playstore.


inkwire screen spy


This application is used only to display the operation of the target..But we can’t control the target mobile.If we install this application we can see our target mobile completely through our mobile.That is if he opens WhatsApp in his mobile it will be displayed in your mobile.So,by this we can check his personal data.To do so with this application you have to follow below steps.

Step 2.Install the INKWIRE application in target mobile as well.You will get this page on your screen

 inkwire screen share spy


step 3.You will get a secret code in target mobile.

step 4.Enter this code in your application.Press OK.

step 5.Now you can see complete operation of target mobile on your mobile.

step 6.Now,for not getting noticed hide the mobile application in target phone.Because someone doesn’t check their hidden applications very often.

That’s all and you are up.Now fool your friend by calling him in middle of something and by saying what he was doing.

Note:This app may overrun some privacy and security issues.So,it is advised that Inappropriate use of such an application should be prohibited.




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