project loon enables internet through balloons.


Internet through balloons which is about to launch through an upcoming project called project loon.It is conducted by Google X company.Over the years internet has become major part of our lives.We can not imagine our future without internet.Internet is the way to get connected,it is a way to get things done.It has evolved such that we order our food through it now.

Did you know?? internet took only 4 years to reach its first 50 million users.

We are using WI-FI in cities and companies which is the main source of internet.But this is available  only in developed cities.Still there are so many remote areas that doesn’t have internet .We can even see people who don’t know what internet is.To fix this Google X started a project called Project Loon to provide internet to everyone.The main aim of the project is to provide internet to every person in the country.Now we will discuss about PROJECT LOON.


Project loon is nothing but a balloon powered internet to every one.2/3 of the world’s population still dont have internet access.It is network of balloons travelling on the edge of the space,designed to extend internet connectivity to people in rural and remote areas worldwide.It is officially started in the year of 2013 on 14 June.But Google X did project trails in 2012 California’s central valley unofficially.

How these balloons work??

The balloon is made with polyethylene plastic and filled with helium gas to travel around.Coming to it’s direction,it consists of a electronic box at the bottom which consists of transceivers,solar panels,parachute and a flight capsule.


It consists of a directional antenna to direct the balloon and transmit connectivity from ground stations, across balloons, and back down to users  LTE(Long Term Evolution) phones.

Solar panels

These panels will cover and power the electronics during the day and charge an on board battery to allow for night time operation.


It cares about the electronic box to safely reach earth at the end of  the balloon flight.

Flight Capsule

It contains electronics to receive commands and thus we can control the operation of balloon.

and working of the balloon is as the image..

Related image

These balloons fly in stratosphere in a direction where winds could go to 100 kmph.If it goes out of range it reverses its direction.They use ISM(industrial,scientific and medical) bands with range 2.4-5.8 KHZ.Each balloon covers an area of 40 kms.They constantly serve 4G internet to devices that are supported with out any lock.These balloons can stay up in the air for a period of 100-200 days.But the speeds may vary with phone and PC from 5-11 MBps.Untill now the speeds went up to 11 MBps in US.The balloons are manufactured by LINDSTRAND technologies,UK.In a record of 190 days flight balloons travelled up to 1,22,000 kms with max speed of 162 kmph.


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