How to lock CHROME/FIREFOX browser?

We all face an issue with browser security.

The thing is we will be logged in to the browser with our Email id on our computer and suddenly has to go out.

There comes the issue if we forget to log our mail out.

The different accounts attached with your mail would go in to deep trouble.We all set a strong password so as to protect our accounts like Facebook,Twitter etc.

But when you leave your computer with your mail logged in your security is compromised.

The best to avoid all these is to set a lock for your browser.

Follow these steps to lock up your browser.


1.Open Firefox and click on menu at the top right corner of the window.

2.Open add-ons and type MASTER PASSWORD in the search bar.

3.You will be provided with a variety of add-on,install the first one among them.

4.You will be asked to set a password and then you will go through this window

Firefox lock |

Here you can set up auto log out time and also startup lock to enable lock on start of Firefox.

Now for CHROME

1.Open chrome and search for chrome web store.

2.There type SET PASSWORD FOR YOUR BROWSER in the search box.

3.In the search results select the first one in the results.It should look like this,

chrome lock |

5.After selecting the first one click on add to chrome.

6.Then it will ask you to set a password.

7.Enter your password and it will ask you to close the window.

8.Go ahead and click OK.The next time you open chrome you have to enter password.

9.One thing is you should remember your password.Just in case you need to disable it just click on it on top right corner of chrome and click on remove from chrome.


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