How to find lost phone with another phone or PC??

Android mobiles made every thing easy,enhanced user experience.These qualities made us go crazy about them and the result is that they became major factor in humans life.One thing a user have to look at is protecting their mobiles from thieves.

If in case your mobile has stolen you doesn’t know what to do.You want to find the location of that phone but you doesn’t know how to do it.In this post i will explain simple ways to track your lost phone.To do this your Andorid should have proper internet connection.Look at the following ways to find lost phone.

1.FInd lost phone with Android Device Manager.

find lost phone


Every android OS has this feature.But one doesn’t know how to activate it.In some mobiles this feature is activated by case it is not activate,we have to activate then only we can find the location of the android.If it is not present in your mobile you can download it from play store.

How to activate?

find lost phone

To activate just follow below steps.

Step1.Go to google settings

Step2.Click on security

Step3.You will get an option like allow remotely locate this device.Make sure it is on.

For some mobiles,

Step1.Go to settings or else directly search Device administrator 

find lost phone on security,You will see Device administrators.

step3.Click on device administrators and turn on the android device manager.From now you can track your mobile

How does it work?

To find lost phone search android device manager in google.You will get page like below one.

After that log in with google account which you have registered with your android.It will automatically locate your phone.You will have three options.

find lost phone


You can use this option when you have forgotten about the phone near to you but you can’t find it.You can call your mobile by clicking on ring option.So then you can get chance to find your phone.


If you lost your android.You want to change lock of android screen.To do this just click on lock.You will see the option to enter new password.Enter new password and click OK.Now you have successfully locked your screen.


The name it self says about the work of this option.You can erase all your data but make sure that to do it.Because everything in your phone will be erased.

2.Google Maps location history

find lost phone

It is also used track android.We can track even if mobile has no internet connection.Google stores all the information about our journey until today in google maps location history.You can check it by just logging in with your registered google account in another android or PC.After searching google location history then you will get your mobile location history till now.If the phone is turned off it won’t show the results.But in case you dropped it some where you can track your location until its disconnected.

3.Drop Box camera uploads

find lost phone

Drop box camera upload application is also used to find lost phone.For this you should have turned on the camera upload settings in the application.It should have internet connection to work.If this app already installed in your android.It will uploads any photos if thief takes with your android into the drop box folder.By this you can identify the thief or else you can post his/her photos in social media until you find the thief.

Above explained ways are used to find the android mobile.In case of Apple Iphone and windows, process will be completely different.Below steps will explain you to track iphone and windows mobile.

For Apple Iphone

Step wise procedure to find lost phone(apple).It doesn’t need any internet connection.

First of all log in to icloud website with your Apple id which you have  already registered with your Apple iphone.

find lost phone

Now you will get three options

find lost phone


1.Lost Mode

If you choose this option.It will automatically lock and track your device.

2.Play sound

In case you forgot your iphone in your house,then you can use this option.It will play your ringtone till 5 minutes and thus you can find your mobile.

3.Erase iphone

If any of this options did not work then you can choose Erase iphone will erase all of your data from your iphone.

For Windows

find lost phone


Now we will see how to find lost phone(windows),

Step1.first of all go to windows phone website.

Step2.Now find this option which says find my phone and click on it.

Step3.You will have to login to this website with your windows account which you have registered with your phone.

Step4.Once you have successfully signed-in,you can track your windows device.In this also you will have three options like Ring,Lock and Erase.These options will work same as android device manager options.