Earn money online through these simple ways.

Smart phones made everything easier and simpler.Making money is no special,finding a way is all  you need to do to get going.Most of us doesn’t know that we can earn money with our mobile,computer online.Even if we knew it,we will be thinking is it true..?? is it safe..??

Safety is not a big concern here because you won’t be depositing any money.You’ll have to provide your bank account.

Another one is will they really pay me..??Don’t worry the following ways to earn money are all good and verified.Choose one or if possible try all of them and start earning money online.

1.Online survey

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Online survey is one of the ways to earn money online for students and unemployed ones.Many companies offer payment for reviewing their new products.These companies always recruit new members to answer the surveys.These members has to check their new products and write reviews on how they are.They will reward cash or gift vouchers accordingly to their convenience.These are some of the examples of online survey websites.

Survey Bods,Valued Opinions,You-gov 

How It Works?

A step by step process to earn through online surveys.

  •  Sign up for Free

Register for the best surveys in one go.
It’s easy and 100% free.

  •  Take Surveys

Receive regular surveys by email and complete them online.

  • Get Rewarded!

Earn cash and gift vouchers for each survey you complete.

2.Facebook App

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Yes it is true we can earn money from Facebook App too.If you own a good Facebook page and have Facebook page manager app in your android there are two ways to earn money.

  • .By sharing links on your face book page.

Example:Website links,YouTube videos

Here if you share links,people will reach the target site with your links and hence you can offer this for money.

  • .By promoting others page and products.

3.Sharing opinions on Applications

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you have to install applications in your android and you have to write your own opinions on those applications regarding a product.I-say and I-poll are the applications that will give you rewards for your opinions.

4.Sell your photos in mobile applications

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If you have good phone with high mega pixel camera then you can earn money by just clicking some good nature photos,historical or ones which are in demand.You can edit those picture and sell them at your own fixed price in some websites and mobile applications. Foap,Dream site and Fotolia are some mobile applications and websites that offers paid services for your photos.

5.Earn by solving captcha

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You can earn money by solving captchas. www.2captcha.com is a website that offers an instant payment to you for solving captchas.

6.Completing tasks and jobs from your android

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You can also earn money from websites by just completing their task and doing job for them when they are in need. ‘Gigwalk’ is the one of the application which pays for doing some simple tasks.

That’s some of the easiest and reliable ways to earn money online.

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