Does higher mAH make your Android device last longer…?

My answer wouldn’t completely be Yes …  Because, we can’t determine the battery life just by looking at the numbers on the battery ie.,capacity of the battery(in mAH).It does depend on some of the key factors like resolution of display,clock speed, processor chip set and of course battery capacity.

The first thing is resolution of the display… the higher the resolution or ppi, higher will be the battery consumption.Because it needs to lighten up all the pixels on the screen for which it drains battery more, than on a lesser ppi display. The resolutions of Android devices includes  480p,720p,1080p,4k. That means as the number of resolution increases the clarity of the display increases which results in more battery consumption.

The next thing is clock speed, the higher the clock speed,higher the performance and as we knew more drain in battery.Because of the heavy usage even the battery tends to heat up. This results in heavy battery drain because of heat loss.Now a days, Android devices have become very intelligent .When they reach to the threshold temperature then the device first tries to reduce the clocking speed and if it isn’t possible then the device gets shut down.


There are many processor chip-sets available in the market for mobile devices like Qualcomm Snapdragon, Mediatek, Tegra, OMAP and Nova Thor.Depending on the cost of the device, the OEM’s choose their chipsets. Now a days many of the OEM’s are going with Qualcomm snapdragon over the other chipsets because of its butter smooth performance and less battery consumption, but it is slightly on the expensive side.

Processor chipsets used by different OEM's


Heavy RAM usage not only slows down the device but also it eats away the battery.The unnecessary apps must be prevented from starting on boot.And also the brightness of the display comes into play.Coming to the final aspect ,as we knew more juice ie., higher battery capacity means more usage time.



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