does hanging too many things on desktop slows PC down??

We place a good amount of shortcuts on desktop to quickly go through them.But you might be worrying if this slows your PC down.So,now let us look in to things which affects the systems speed.

There are actually a lot of things which slows a PC down like if you install a game which doesn’t meet systems requirements and small things like an unorganized desktop.


I’ve always wanted my PC faster.Every time i go to a repair shop,he says don’t keep a lot of those things on desktop.I wondered if it is true.

The thing is you want all of your favorites on desktop so you are placing shortcuts of those on desktop.Here you are actually placing a shortcut and not the entire thing.Look at the following,

There are files,folders,shortcuts and installed applications that you can place on desktop.Not all of them but most of them fairly affects the speed of the system.Let us have a look at them,

  • Shortcuts are pointers which point to the actual big file.So,they actually occupy a very little space,most probably kilobytes.

Right click on a shortcut and go to properties to check the size of it.They delay bit of the refresh time of the system but they doesn’t stand big.

So shortcuts doesn’t actually bother your system.What will??

Things which slows your PC down..

  • Placing original files on desktop such as images which occupy space in MBs can pull your systems loading time.
  • Too many folders on desktop containing huge files can.Folders hold such files as mentioned earlier.They can irritate you.
  • Installing way too many applications beyond the capacity of your systems RAM.

So,not everything on your desktop slows your PC down.keeping a good organized desktop can enhance your systems speed.Use your desktop to save files for only a period of time to access them quickly.After the work is done with them,move them or delete them.this could enhance your systems loading time.

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